rest-protezioneThe absorption of water by the porous supports placed on the facade is one of the main causes of their degradation.

In fact, water acts on the materials directly or indirectly and thus plays a fundamental role in the processes of chemical – physical – biological degradation.

The water present on the cortical surface can have different origins and presents itself as:
– rainwater (heavy rain, runoff)
– condensation humidity (superficial and interstitial condensation)

The water and the polluting agents conveyed by it exert their degrading action also on the metal parts found on the facade, causing oxidation and relative leakage in the areas below.

Protect the materials by intervening on the outdoor environment, when possible, or with specific chemical protections.

In the last case it is essential to avoid intervening with protective devices that cause the formation of a damaging surface film, which is not vapor permeable; in fact the formation of a condensation due to the humidity that forms under the film is inevitable, which leads to the degradation and possible detachment of the surface layer of the stone.

CIR offers a range of breathable, water-repellent protectives able to strongly limit the absorption of water inside the material and the pollutants it carries.

The characteristics of the protecting devices proposed by CIR are:

  • Chemical inertia in relation to the material
  • Absence of harmful by-products, even after application
  • Good chemical stability compared to pollutants and oxygen
  • Good stability to UV radiation
  • Low permeability to the absorption of liquid water
  • Good water vapor permeability


  • Perform the removal of the pollutants present with a specific cleaner
  • Proceed, as appropriate, with consolidating operations and wait for the time necessary to evaluate the effect
  • Successivamente, su superficie pulita ed asciutta, applicare in due mani lo specifico protettivo scelto BIO PT 15IDROSTOP NEWCIRLAK
The wide range of SOLUTION proposed by CIR allows to greatly limit the absorption of water by the materials, in full respect and without altering the physical and chromatic characteristics.

Moreover CIR SOLUTION guarantee an excellent seal over time to weather changes, thus avoiding the formation of chromatic alterations on surfaces, a consequence common to generic protective films.

The proposed protectives are equipped by a technical scientific sheet, which certifies the various technical characteristics, through specific laboratory tests.

Before carrying out the protective treatment of a surface it is necessary to check each time the absorption of the support, in order to evaluate which product to choose, whether solvent based or water based, and to always operate on a clean and perfectly dry surface.

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