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Linea Resat

The Problem

The absorption of water by the porous supports placed on the facade, both as cladding and as a constructive element of the masonry itself, is one of the main causes of their deterioration. In fact, water acts on materials directly or indirectly and plays a fundamental role in the processes of chemical – physical – biological degradation.

The Solution

To ensure that the water does not exert its degrading action against porous materials, CIR offers a range of water-repellent protective products that can strongly limit the absorption of water inside the material and the pollutants it contains.

The water-repellent protectors proposed by CIR come from silicon-based polymers and can be considered as monomer derivatives that nomenclature the silane SiH4; some of them are produced using state-of-the-art technologies that allow to obtain active substances with NANOMETER diameter.

Our Products

Intervention Cycle

Remove pollutants on surfaces with specific CIR cleaner
Proceed, if necessary, to the consolidation operations and wait just enough to assess the effect
On a clean and dry surface apply in two hands IDROREPEL, IDROREPEL TONO, IDROREPEL ACQUA TONO or IDROSTOP NEW

Intervention Cycle

  • They have high protective power and durability
  • They do not alter treated materials
  • They don’t change the breathability of the support
  • They don’t create any superficial film
  • They allow high penetration into the support

The Technician Advises

Before carrying out the protective treatment of a surface it is necessary to check each time the absorption of the support, in order to evaluate which product to choose, whether solvent based or water based. Always work on a clean and perfectly dry surface.