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The search of high-tech raw materials and the development of finished products which incorporate their best features. Offer the customer the ultimate expression of technology in the field of cleaning and treating stone materials and artifacts, both in the Monumental restoration and Civil Construction.


  • Technical/valuation reports on particular applications of their products and their performance
  • Development of “customised” products based on special technical requirements and/or specific market requirements
  • Up-to-date technical and ssecurity documentation
  • Conformity Testing on Production Lots


For the highest technological products, CIR draws up specific technical data sheets. These documents argue the most peculiar features of products selected through performance tests performed in the laboratory in full compliance with the regulations UNI and NORMAL.


  • Research & Development
  • The quality control of the production according to the ISO 9001 Quality Certification standards.
  • Modification and updating of formulations based on the evolution of national and Community regulations in the field of safety and eco-compatibility

Quantitative and qualitative analysis:

  • measurement of solid contents of specific products
  • measurement of the chemical-physical characteristics of all types of products in the sector
  • measurement of water absorption by capillarity
  • measurement of resistance to UV rays
  • measurement of the contact angle of hydro / oleo repellence
  • measurement of resistance to washability
  • measurement of abrasion resistance
  • assessment of compliance with HACCP standards
  • colorimetric measurements
  • customized formulations and tests
  • customer services