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The Problem

Mineral surfaces, plasters or finishing, can be crumbling and in some cases poor in binder and, therefore, with insufficient mechanical resistance. The realization of finishes above unsuitable surfaces can lead over time, due to the tensions that are formed between the various layers, to micro-cracks from which the water will trigger its degrading action.

The problem described above also occurs on old paintings, already aesthetically degraded but still bearing, for which it is intended to perform a finishing intervention above.

The Solution

Using specific consolidating products,designed for interventions on mineral supports such as plaster, plasterboard, chalk-based surfaces and old paints, you can block the dusting of surfaces by restoring compactness and strength to the materials. In addition, consolidating products even out the absorption of subsequent finishing products and make them easier to apply.

Our Products

Intervention Cycle

Remove pollutants on surfaces with specific CIR cleaner
On clean and dry surface apply CONSACRILIC, ACQUACONS or PRIMER FIX
Evaluate the consolidating effect (after about 24 hours for CONSACRILIC, 4 days for ACQUACONS, 6 hours for PRIMER FIX)
Proceed with finishing operations

CIR Products Advantages

  • High penetration into the substrate
  • Compatible with the chemical and physical properties of materials
  • They guarantee steam permeability
  • Do not release harmful by-products
  • Nontoxic and environmentally friendly
  • They don’t create surface films
  • Uniformano l’assorbimento

The Technician Advises

To obtain a good result of consolidation, it is necessary to evaluate the absorption of the material, in order to choose the right dilution of the consolidating product and to intervene in depth.