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The Problem

The lime-based finishes are of high aesthetic value. At the same time they are extremely delicate and sensitive to the elements and outdoor aggressions, which can alter their color, causing stains and bleaching.

Particularly during the hardening phase they are very sensitive to water run-offs, as they can cause carbonates to leak from the finish, resulting in damage to pigments and aesthetic effect. During the maturation phase the supports have strongly alkaline pH, which limits the effectiveness of traditional protective treatments,requiring specific solutions.

The Solution

The solution proposed by CIR allows the risks due to external agents to be reduced to a minimum, as the CALCEFRESH protective can be applied to surfaces that are still fresh (24 – 36 hours after they have been applied), severely limiting the absorption of water. The solution makes use of specific molecules resistant to alkaline pH, capable of penetrating into the lime layer without being damaged and neutralized by the alkalinity of the support while at the same time limiting the absorption of water and the pollutants carried by it.

Our Products

Intervention Cycle

Wait 24-36 hours after the application of the lime-based finish
Apply the protective CALCEFRESH in two wet-on-wet hands
Within 24 hours the surfaces will be definitely protected

CIR Products Advantages

  • They provide excellent water-oil-repellent protection
  • They are applicable in a short time after applying the finish
  • They resist alkaline pH
  • They don’t interfere with the normal carbonation of the material
  • They don’t create any superficial film

The Technician Advises

On lime-based finishes, apply the product with a low-pressure vaporizer. Avoid application on marmorino or compact pressed finishes.