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The rising damp is mainly due to the ability of the water to penetrate the masonry and to rise from the ground upwards through the capillaries present in the constituent materials. The water goes up the capillaries, until the forces at play find balance, and is then disposed of through the normal process of evaporation through the surface of the masonry. This triggers a process of degradation of the elements that make up it, causing widespread presence of spots and saline efflorescences and detachments of plasters from the masonry.


CIR mette a disposizione un sistema professionale per la realizzazione di una BARRIERA CHIMICA in grado di idrofobizzare i capillari dei materiali presenti in muratura. Ciò impedisce la risalita dell’acqua e con essa anche l’azione disgregativa dei sali da essa veicolati.

CIR mette a disposizione BARRIER ACQUA PLUS, un sistema nanotecnologico in fase liquida, dall’elevata efficacia e durata nel tempo, e BARRIER GEL un sistema in gel a iniezione.

The intervention requires to make on the wall a series of small holes,through which the product is injected inside by gravity, through practical bottles, pre-dosed according to the thickness of the masonry.

In cases where the surfaces are coated with plaster, CIR provides for the restoration a range of plasters based on hydrated lime and pozzolana,totally compatible with the intervention with a chemical barrier.



On fair-faced walls proceed to the restoration of the grouting and joints


Eseguire l’intervento di barriera chimica con BARRIER ACQUA PLUS – SISTEMA A CADUTA oppure BARRIER GEL


Ripristinare i fori effettuati per l’iniezione della barriera chimica


Proceed with the restoration of plasters with high breathable mortars


Elevata durata nel tempo, BARRIER ACQUA PLUS e BARRIER GEL sono garantiti 10 anni
Di facile applicazione, grazie ai flaconi predosati pronti all’uso o alle pratiche cartucce ad iniezione.
Soluzioni ecologiche, a base acqua, prive di composti organici volatili (COV zero)
Consentono l’intervento anche in case abitate


The dehumidification of a building must always involve specific interventions to solve the problem of humidity,due in most cases to the wrong construction techniques. To just cover the surfaces with plaster or to repaint them is in many cases to hide the problem without really solving it.