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The Problem

Consolidation aims to restore to the surfaces the lost compactness and adhesion between the individual layers, significantly increasing their mechanical characteristics and preventing detachments or material losses.

In the restoration sector, the consolidating products used must have molecules that form intermediates as close as possible to the natural binder of the stone or of the artifact so as to leave the characteristics of breathability and color unchanged. These molecules must also have good penetration characteristics, durability and resistance to climatic conditions.

The Solution

The CIR range of consolidators allows to intervene on artifacts and on every type of natural stone, both limestone and silicate matrix, in accordance with the NORMAL 20/85 recommendations, referring to conservation interventions on stone materials.

Our formulations use both raw materials whose use is consolidated over time and innovative reagents in nanotechnology.

Our Products

Intervention Cycle

Remove pollutants that may be present with a specific cleaner (see Cleaning in Restoration)
Carry out the consolidation intervention on a clean, dry surface with SILIETILE, BIO CPA, BIO RIPC-30 or CONSOLIDA NANO
Evaluate the consolidating effect after about 15 - 20 days
Proceed to the next finishing operations

CIR Products Advantages

  • High consolidating power in mineral supports
  • Respect for NORMAL recommendations
  • Compatible with all types of materials
  • They guarantee steam permeability
  • Do not cause harmful by-products

The Technician Advises

The consolidation intervention should always be performed on perfectly dry surfaces and devoid of both internal and surface moisture, as this acts as a catalyst during the chemical reaction of the consolidator and could lead to its unwanted surface crystallization.