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CIR (CHIMICA ITALIANA RESTAURI) began its activity in the 1980s. CIR soon became a prestigious and highly reliable company in the world of
Restoration. CIR is entrusted with assignments for the restoration of monuments and historical buildings of high prestige and visibility. Innumerable its references.

In more than 40 years of activity CIR has never stopped in the constant search for effective formulations that are at the same time respectful of the “precious” materials that they prided themselves on cleaning, caring for and protecting. Its range of products has grown together with customer requirements, understandably very demanding, without ever yielding to the temptation to offer formulations centered on profit rather than on the actual care of the treated material. Thanks to its hard working search, CIR has developed cleaners, maintainers and protectives that rank today at the top of quality range worldwide.

Dedicated product lines have been created over the last decade from this range of formulations to the Building Industry for the renovation, cleaning and protection of the New, the product lines dedicated to Internal and external flooring, the one dedicated to Graffiti Cleaning, until the last born, the Focus line, dedicated to the professional resolution of the Cleaning, Maintenance and Protection of the increasingly sophisticated materials that are in our homes. Thus, from cleaning the facade and floor of a Cathedral, CIR has prepared to clean the facade and floor of your home with the same care
and effectiveness.

The soul of Restoration remains intact, always active and reliable in all aspects: inspections, technical reports, ad hoc formulations, tests and comparisons in the laboratory, regulations to be respected, construction sites to follow in the course of problems, advice and expertise when necessary, training of technicians and professionals on the use of our products and anything else that is necessary to TAKE CARE.