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    C.I.R. (Chimica Italiana Restauri).

    MISSION-1it begins its career in the 80s CIR soon becomes a company of prestige and high reliability in the world of the Restoration. CIR is entrusted with assignments for the restoration of monuments and historical buildings of high prestige and visibility. Innumerable its references. Over 30 years of activity, CIR has never stopped in the constant search for effective formulas and at the same time respectful of “precious” materials that boasted of cleaning, curing, protecting. Its range of products has grown together with customer requirements, understandably very demanding, without ever yielding to the temptation to offer formulations centered on profit rather than on the actual care of the treated material. Thanks to its hard working search, CIR has developed cleaners, maintainers and protectives that rank today at the top of quality range worldwide. From this range of formulas the current product lines are born: the one dedicated to the restructuring, cleaning and protection of the New, the lines dedicated to the in- and outdoor flooring, the one dedicated to the cleaning of the graffiti, till the last born, the Focus line, dedicated to the professional resolution of the cleaning, treatment and protectionof the increasingly sophisticated materials that are in our homes. Thus, by cleaning the facade and floor of a cathedral, CIR is prepared to clean the facade and floor of your home with the same care and effectiveness. The soul of the Restoration remains intact, always active and reliable in all respects: site inspections, technical reports, ad hoc formulations, laboratory tests and comparisons, regulations to be respected, building sites to follow in their arising problems, advice and expertise to the need, training of technicians and professionals on the use of our products and anything else that is needed to CARE. Yes, because CIR TAKES CARE OF IT


    Problem Finding

    • Deep understanding of the context of the problem (features of support, environment and architectural context)
    • Understanding of the causes and effects of the problem (origin and type of risk factors, the nature of harmful effects, the reactions to the environment and external agents)

    Problem solving

    • Enucleation of ANTIDOTE formulation for the treatment and / or prevention of the identified nature of the problem
    • Realization of the correct formulation, always definitely in line with the following features:

    respect of materials guarantee of effectiveness respect for the environment and the operator information available to the customer


    To date, CIR offers a solution to the following issues: Efflorescences Mold, lichens, microalgae and bacteria Rising damp Smog Graffiti Consolidation of materials Waterproofing of materials Bleaching of lime Consolidation of plaster Slippery surfaces Surfaces to be degreased Materials to be renewed Cleaning and treatment of tile joints Cleaning, treatment and protection of all surfaces made of: cotto, stone, marble, gres, concrete, glass Conservative restoration of artistic and architectural materials


    For the cleaning, protection and preservation of vertical and horizontal surfaces made of: natural and agglomerated stone, concrete, gres, cotto, ceramic as well as glass, PVC and resin


    For the cases protected by the institutions (Superintendency), for the most delicate restorations, but also for the large construction as well as renovation and restoration sites



    In more than 30 years of its history, CIR understands the richness of its offer that is characterized by a constant and careful research on formulations that are effective but respectful of materials in an indisputable way. CIR therefore understands that its mission can expand to the modern, the new and the old, no longer only to the ancient. Effectiveness and respect for materials are the right solution for the needs of the modern building sector: to improve facade and flooring treatments so as to guarantee their effectiveness and durability over time. This is the story of CIR: The experience in the Restoration world has grown over the years to become today a know-how that responds in a specific and timely manner not only to all the problems of intervention on buildings and historical and artistic artifacts, but as a complete offer of solutions for the world of stone materials, up to go further in the field of marble materials, glass, siliceous, metallic. The nature of the CIR proposal has become twofold: that of the care and preservation of the old and that of the care, prevention, restructuring and maintenance of the new and the old, against organic dirt and vandal-leaking, the signs of time and smog, the consequences of usury and neglect. Keeping up with the times has meant for CIR to learn the new language of materials and that of innovative materials, of their treatments, of manual and technological processes, from the lathe of the shop master to the highly computerized numerical control. 2014 marked CIR for a further step towards a market-oriented approach. CIR decides to make its know-how available to the consumer world. First of all CIR focuses its attention on the different language of this type of customer: the maximum complexity of the search for effective formulas that respect the materials and the environment must become the maximum simplicity of communication and use of the product. This is how proposals are created with catchy names and multi-functional characteristics. The guarantee of professionalism and effectiveness extends from the expert operator to the consumer of our times, although demanding even if often unaware user of sophisticated and often expensive materials that require the utmost care, eager to understand and do themselves, ready to procure products and tools suitable for his case. However, his aim is always to act well and in a short time, today the most precious good. Our latest line ‘focus’ is born from the desire to focus on what the consumer market is asking for and how we can offer direct, immediate solutions, communicated with clarity and simplicity. We are at the beginning of a commercial adventure that we want to share with those who can understand the challenge. The CIR look today is fresh, bright, communicative at first impact. We have developed new marketing tools, and are always ready for new developments that adapt to any type of distribution channel more or less widespread. Art has become a profession and today the profession has become professionalism of everyday life.







    In its more than 30 years of activity and research, CIR has never stopped learning, with humility and commitment. Many successes, because before taking a step CIR has thousand times experienced and learned from its mistakes. After all, the world of restoration does not allow mistakes in the field, but only in the laboratory. Today CIR is strong in its experience and in the concreteness of its offer, ready to learn from theoretical research and continuous experimentation.


    Innovative products, highly performing and able to guarantee better results than generic products used in the sector. Among the others we can highlight the wide range of detergents with BIODEGRADABLE surfactants and the range of consolidating and protective agents in NANOTECHNOLOGY.


    The wide range of products includes water-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous and no V.O.C.


    This acronym stands for Volatile Organic Compounds (Volatile Organic Compounds). These are chemical compounds of various kinds (eg carbon and hydrocarbons), characterized by volatility, ie the ability to easily evaporate in the air at room temperature. They can be of natural origin or be generated by chemical synthesis. The action of sunlight and the contact with other chemical compounds, such as those present in the smog, cause them to dissolve in the environment and produce tropospheric Ozone (O3). The latter, in high quantities, can cause damage to human health. For years we have been carrying out our campaign to protect the environment and operators and we are committed to research for an environmentally sustainable development:

    • Full range of detergents with low environmental impact and specific for all types of stones and artifacts. Contain highly surfactant BIODEGRADABLE (over 95%)
    • Our products for cortical consolidation of natural stones and products are all inorganic and free of resins. They are neither toxic nor harmful
    • Wide range of high-tech protective devices (NANO-TECHNOLOGIES) highly performant, for all types of stone and manufactures. The numerous water based protectors are environmentally friendly and safe for operators
    • Anti-graffiti removers are proven to be effective, have a low environmental impact, are biodegradable and safe for operators


    We provide our customers with continuous technical assistance (diagnosis, testing, preliminary analysis, etc.) in order to support the professional in all the delicate operating phases according to his specific needs. At the same time, CIR considers the technical training of its customers and partners as an element of primary importance to assist the correct and effective use of its products from the theoretical principles and in the various practical phases. The CIR training modules, intended for all categories of its interlocutors, are organized and managed with the utmost hospitality and professionalism.