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Our technical support is available to customers with:

  • Training courses for retailers, professionals and firms
  • Study of the cycles and techniques of specific intervention
  • Technical advice on the drafting of particular contract specifications
  • On site assistance before, during and after the interventions

CIR offers its customers a true technical assistance in any phase of the intervention, both during the writing of the contract specifications and during execution. Through its technical staff of highly qualified people, CIR is able to perform on-site inspections aimed at identifying application cycles suitable for the conservation of materials, to assist technicians and professionals from design to signature of work plans. Realizing diagnosis, testing and technical reports, CIR offers its customers a precise and detailed guide to choose specific systems and proper implementing methods, necessary to make an appropriate conservative intervention, both in terms of the materials from which facades are made and of the supports placed in flooring.


Contract Specifications tests on site Technical Cycles Technical reports CIR is an excellent professional partner on which to be able to rely to face the many problems found on porous materials used in construction, such as natural stone, artifacts or lime-based finishes. For its customers, CIR performs on site inspections in order to evaluate the factual state of materials and the alterations present, making a Complete Evaluation of both the causes that have led in time to the degradation of the supports and of the boundary conditions present through specific professional instrumentation and professional knowledge in the field that concerns not only the chemistry of Materials, but also technical physics, construction technique and materials technology. With its technical staff CIR performs preliminary tests on the site or in the laboratory, in order to evaluate, in special cases, the compatibility of the formulations with the treated materials and the technical results obtained. Thanks to detailed technical reports, which describe in depth both the materials subject to intervention and the problems present, CIR provides the customers, designers or agencies to protect precise indications on the way of intervention for the execution of the specific intervention Conservatively, with indications both on the materials to be used and on the application procedures with precise timing and indications on the suitable instruments. The technical Department supports the undertaking that carries out the work with inspections in the pipeline during the intervention phases, in order to proceed with the correct application of the materials and to evaluate the actual result obtained in every single phase.