prot-materialiThe absorption of water by the porous supports placed on the facade, both as cladding and as a constructive element of the masonry itself, is one of the main causes of their deterioration.

In fact, water acts on materials directly or indirectly and plays a fundamental role in the processes of chemical – physical – biological degradation.

The water we find on the cortical surface can have different origins and presents itself as:
– rainwater (heavy rain, runoff)
– condensation humidity (superficial and interstitial condensation)

To ensure that the water does not exert its degrading action against porous materials, CIR offers a range of water-repellent protective products that can strongly limit the absorption of water inside the material and the pollutants it contains.

The hydrophobic protective coatings proposed by CIR derive from silicon-based polymers and can be considered as derivatives of monomers having the SiH4 silane as nomenclature; some of them are produced using the latest technology that allows to obtain active ingredients with NANOMERIC particle diameter.

CIR offers a range of protections that includes both solvent-based and water-based, both neutral and wet looking formulas, so as to be able to cope with the various problems and cases that may arise on site.

The characteristics of the protective devices proposed by CIR are:

  • High protective power and durability
  • Do not alter the treated material
  • Do not change the breathability of the support
  • Do not create any superficial film
  • High penetration power into the support


  • Perform the removal of the pollutants present with a specific cleaner
  • Proceed, if necessary, with consolidation operations and wait just enough to evaluate the effect
  • Then, on a clean and dry surface, apply the specific protective products in two hands
The wide range of solutions proposed by CIR allows to strongly limit the absorption of water by the materials, in full respect and without altering the physical and chromatic characteristics.

Moreover CIR solutions guarantee an excellent durability over time to weather changes, thus avoiding the formation of chromatic alterations on the surfaces, common to generic protective films.

Before carrying out the protective treatment of a surface it is necessary to check each time the absorption of the support, in order to evaluate which product to choose, whether solvent based or water based. Always work on a clean and perfectly dry surface.

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