prot-calceThe lime-based finishes are of high aesthetic value. At the same time they are extremely delicate and sensitive to the elements and outdoor aggressions, which can alter their color, causing stains and bleaching.

The lime-based finishes and supports, during the hardening phase, carbonate, are very sensitive to water washouts, as they can cause carbonates to escape from the finish, with consequent damage to the pigments and the aesthetic effect.

Moreover, the supports containing lime, have a strongly alkaline pH during their maturation phase; this aspect limits the effectiveness of the protective treatments with the generic formulations, which are carried out in a short time after the laying of the finish, but involves the need to wait for its complete maturation.

The effects of carbonates on lime-based surfaces are:
– Localized spots
– Whitening and washout strips on surfaces
– Crystallization of salts and subsequent physical deterioration of the support

The solution proposed by CIR allows, through the specific protective, to strongly limit the water absorption by the lime-based support.

The protective CALCEFRESH allows to be applied on still fresh surfaces, therefore 24/36 hours after their laying, reducing to a minimum the risks due to outdoor agents.

This solution was made possible by CIR’s use of specific alkaline pH-resistant molecules, able to penetrate the finish without being damaged and neutralized by the alkalinity of the substrate while limiting the absorption of water and of the pollutants it has conveyed.

The main features of CALCEFRESH are:

  • Resistance to alkaline pH
  • It allows the normal carbonation of the substrate without interfering
  • It does not create any superficial film
  • Hydro-oil-repellent
  • Applicable after 24 – 36 hours from the laying of the lime based finishing


  • Wait 24-36 hours after the application of the lime-based finish
  • Apply the protective CALCEFRESH in two wet-on-wet hands
  • Within 24 hours the surfaces will be definitely protected
The solution proposed by CIR makes the treated surfaces water-oil repellent, allowing to limit the possible alterations caused by rainwater, thanks to the short times between the lime-based surface finish and the hydro-oil-repellent protective effect.
On lime-based finishes, apply the product with a low-pressure regulator. Avoid application on marmoris or compact pressed finishes.

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